Why Joe Biden May be an Upgraded Version of Donald Trump.

“O say does that Star — Spangled Banner yet wave O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave.” These last two verses of the American anthem signify what the United States of America has stood for over the ages, but with the trump presidency it all has turned blurry. Will Joe Biden’s Presidency be better than that of DJT, maybe but as things stand it looks like if it will be just an upgraded version of Trump and here is why.

Trump has set the bar so low that all Biden has to do to get votes is just say that he will reverse some of the key bad decisions the Trump administration has taken. We’ve seen Joe Biden tweet statements like “when elected, I will listen to scientific experts” that how low the bar has been set. Listening to scientific advice shouldn’t be an option that any logical president can choose not to take, unfortunately Trump hasn’t been Logical at all in most of his decisions.

One aspect that has always defined the American presidential election campaigns is its policy competitiveness. This time round majority of the voters aren’t keen on policies, the left and the far left all they want is Trump out of the oval office and they’re willing to compromise anything to see that happen. Biden’s camp has taken advantage of this and they aren’t keen on rolling out any ambitious policies, their motto reads “Build back Better” an improved version of MAGA and that says it all. It portrays Biden as a candidate overwhelmed by Trumps drastic failures that all he promises is to take America back to where it was before January 2017 and not foster it ahead. Biden’s lack of ambitious policies will slow down America’s leading role in international affairs and this is going to hurt Americas self-perceived image, that of a leading Global Icon.

Earlier this year when one of Joe Biden’s old staffers accused him of sexual misconduct, the same Media and the democratic establishment which sought to hold Justice Kavanaugh to the highest form of ethical standards and bar him from the SCOTUS seat all based on a false accusation, gave Joe Biden a clean pass. The story was underreported and the media wasn’t even willing to follow up. Even the famous Hollywood cancel culture came out I support of Joe Biden without even bothering to investigate. It’s this form hypocrisy and double standard from the leftists that makes it hard for neutral voters who don’t identify as firm conservatives or firm liberals be willing to vote for neither DJT nor Joe Biden.

In the past 4 years the Trump administration has withdrawn the US from various important international accords including the Iran nuclear deal, the Paris agreement of 2016 and lately the WHO. This is unprecedented for any other US president and as a consequence the US is slowly losing its perceived global leadership role. If this continues, not even the Bahamas will take the US seriously in the near future. So far, the Joe Biden’s camp lacks a clear foreign policy plan. Trump has boasted of his administration’s effect in strengthening the US military and at the same time sought to end America’s international policing behavior. This has seen him withdraw most American soldiers from Syria and Afghanistan. Since Joe Biden seeks to reverse every other decision Trump has taken, will he restart the era of Drone bombing in the Middle East again?

Trump was propelled to office by the conservatives hate for Obama and Clinton’s due to some of their stands on issues like LGBTQ and Abortion. They never bothered to cross check Trump’s stand on key policies like climate change and foreign policy. The same mistake is happening again, the Liberals deep hate for Trump is taking the high road. They are not willing to cross check Biden’s past like his authoring the 1993 Crime bill and accused sexual misconduct nor are they willing to question how effective his policies are. If you question Biden’s agenda you become an enemy to the liberals especially the far left. There is no more room left for free thinking among the left, all they want is Trump gone. The fact that DJT believes climate change to be a “Hoax’’ is proof enough that he shouldn’t be re-elected but Giving Joe Biden a free pass simply because Trump’s administration has been bad is simply Paving a way for an updated version of Donald Trump in the form of Joe Biden.




Standing on the horizon, Gazing beyond the limits.

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B. Kelvin

B. Kelvin

Standing on the horizon, Gazing beyond the limits.

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